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SSLMate Resources

Learn about SSLMate and SSL certificates.

How Cert Spotter Helps

Learn how Cert Spotter helps you improve your website's security and availability.

How Cert Spotter Works

Learn how Cert Spotter uses Certificate Transparency to monitor your domains.

Timeline of Certificate Authority Failures

See all the times certificate authorities have messed up and issued certificates they shouldn't have - including to attackers.

Cert Spotter Stats

Cert Spotter has indexed billions of certificates and counting...

CAA for SaaS, PaaS, and CDN Providers

Learn how to configure CAA so your customers' CAA records don't interfere with your automated certificate issuance.

Avoid Alert Fatigue With Cert Spotter

Learn how Cert Spotter keeps your notifications noise-free and actionable.

How We Protect Our Customers' DNS Credentials

Learn how SSLMate uses an innovative, stateless Go proxy to protect the API credentials used to integrate with our customers' DNS providers.