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Email Approval

Email approval is a simple but manual way to approve a certificate. When purchasing a certificate, you select from a list of acceptable administrative email addresses, and follow a link in an email sent to that address.

Note that approval emails are not sent from SSLMate, but from our CA provider. For Sectigo certificates, the email is sent from

The SSLMate for SaaS service does not support email approval.

Acceptable administrative addresses

The acceptable administrative addresses are:

  • Any of the following addresses at the hostname in the certificate or any of its parent domains:

    • admin@
    • administrator@
    • hostmaster@
    • postmaster@
    • webmaster@

    (For example, if the certificate's hostname is, then,, and would be among the acceptable addresses.)

  • Any of the contact addresses in the domain's public whois record (only for TLDs which publish email addresses in whois).

Resending the approval email

If you don't receive an approval email because of a momentary problem with your email address, you can ask SSLMate to resend the approval email by running sslmate retry-approval HOSTNAME.

To resend the approval email to a different address, use sslmate edit as follows: sslmate edit HOSTNAME --email=ADDRESS. ADDRESS must be one of the acceptable addresses listed above.