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Renewal and Expiration Notices


When auto-renew is enabled, SSLMate renews certificates 30 days before expiration. If the renewal has a cost, SSLMate sends you an email one week beforehand with a description of the cost and a link to cancel the renewal.

If the certificate is yearly, the expiration date of the auto-renewed certificate is exactly one year after the current expiration date. No time is "lost" because the certificate is renewed 30 days before expiration.

If SSLMate encounters a problem auto-renewing the certificate (e.g. your credit card charge is declined), we send you an email.

Expiration Notices

If a certificate is expiring in less than 30 days and hasn't been successfully renewed, SSLMate sends you six emails over the 30 day period. The emails explain why the certificate hasn't been renewed and provide instructions for completing the renewal (as well as a link to mute the notifications if you don't need to renew).

If you've enabled auto-renew, and have set up automated HTTP or DNS approval, you should never receive an expiration notice.